Case Study:Supporting Tier 2 OEM Suppliers to the Automotive industry

We work with integrated supply chain procurement as their trusted supplier to ensure clients have available the best means to improve quality and the finish of their products.

Client challenge

The Haines team were contacted by one of their supplier chain partners to help a worldwide car manufacturer resolve a problem they had with lint and fibre contamination in one of their production areas. Samples

It was a complex process that involved many wiping and polishing tasks, so changing supplier was not a decision to be taken lightly- clear benefits had to be identified.

Having determined initially that they were purchasing a product that was sometimes inappropriate our technical team suggested the company run a series of trials to determine if new solutions could meet their requirements.

A representative started by spending time getting to know the customer in a variety of situations that ranged from visiting the buyer to spending time in the production area, looking at the tasks involved and getting to know various specifiers and influencing factors.

Two types of cloths were then proposed from the CERNATA Ultra Clean range, emphasising how the features and benefits fitted their needs and demonstrating savings that could be made by improved cost in use.

By running a trial in the production area, the customer realised that linting was no longer a problem with the use of Cernata Critical wipes and down time losed through this initial problem was eliminated completely.

They now see Haines Wiping Products as a trusted partner, knowing that the supplier they deal with will present them with the best solutions to their problems.

The supply chain partner who we worked with on this project now supply this range to all of the customers manufacturing sites throughout Europe and are working to introduce it to similar OEMS in the UK and abroad.

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