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CERNATA® IPA Presaturated Wipes 80% IPA 20% DI Water - 200 Wipes

CERNATA IPA Wipes is the solvent of choice for the final preparation, cleaning and degreasing of all subtrates. Made from an ultra pure mixture of Isopropanol alcohol 80% and de-ionized water20% for fast drying cleaning. The wipe is a high quality , non abrasive non woven fabric which features Lint Free. Designed to clean and degrease panels and composite surfaces prior to painting. Cleaning applications include Printed circuit boards, Medical equipment, Cable joining, printing, boat building, paintshop, glass , stencils and screens. These IPA wipes dispense one at a time for controlled usage. Sheet Size 200 x 200mm. Unit of Sale : 200 Wipes Available in 80/20% and 70/30% Mixtures.