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CERNATA® XL Critical Wipes ISO 4 (Class 10) Cleanroom 45x45cm

CERNATA EXTRA LARGE Critical Wipes are the most practical lint free wipe for larger applications. This new size is designed for OEM Manufacturing, precision engineering, lab and medical. These ISO 4 (Class 10) polyester cleanroom wipes are 4 edge ultrasonic laser cut and sealed preventing lint and fibre contamination. Made from 100% polyester continuous filament fibre, making them durable, soft and engineered tear resistant. Laundered by 17m of ultra pure DI Water to remove any impurities. Ideal cleanroom wipes for cleaning any surface or equipment leaving surfaces completely lint free. Also known as class 10 cleanroom wipes (FED Standard). Colour - White. Sheet Size: 18x18" (45 x 45cm) Case Qty: 1 Pack of 100 Wipes.