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MaxigleamŽ Valex Microfibre Cloths 40x40cms Case of 200 Cloths

Maxigleam Valex microfibre cloths take away the need to have many different cloths when cleaning or polishing. With a higher level polyamide content, they are the perfect choice if you require one cloth to dry, polish and clean surfaces, glass and interiors. NO TAGS and soft seams make these specialist microfibre cloths suitable on any surface without scratching, linting or streaking. Designed for residue removal to sealant buffing.The super soft fibres will not introduce scratches or marring to even the softest of finishes and can be used with all types of coatings and polish. Each microfibre cloths size is a generous 40x40cm. Washable and re-use up to 500 times. Unit Of Sale: 200 Microfibre Cloths YELLOW.

Contains: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide, 340gsm.